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AVI-8 watches: a tribute to aviation

AVi-8 is an English brand, characterized by its aviator watches. The name pays tribute to aviation by repeating the aeronautical code "AV nº", which designates attack aircraft that takes off vertically.

The AVI-8 watches reflect the classic dashboard of a light aircraft. The aviation codes are respected, with fairly large numbers, allowing the pilots to take a bearing quickly. Flight instruments are represented with Chronograph or calendar dials. Most collections come with essential aviation features. Many watches are equipped with a tachymeter. As a reminder, the tachymeter measures the average speed according to the time required to reach 1000 meters.

The AV-4052 collection is even equipped with a retrograde chronograph. This function is used to measure an intermediate time or two events at the same time. This retrograde hand turns exactly at the same time as the second hand. Once the user presses the pusher, the Retrograde hands stops as the second hand keeps going.

Each collection pays homage to airplanes, mainly from United Kingdom. The Hawker Harrier Collection honours the British attack aircraft from the 1960s. It is the first vertical take off and landing aircraft. Hawker Hurricane watches greet the first monoplane fighter of the Royal Air Force, which was particularly famous during the Second World War.

AVI-8 is a brand that takes care of the smallest details. The back of each case is worked carefully with a different engraving for each collection. Even the pushers are meticulously studied to get a homogeneous design.

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