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Ariesgold: Watches that make sense

Ariesgold is a watch brand that comes to us from Singapore. Passionate about watchmaking, founder CK Woo was an apprentice watchmaker in his youth. After saving for several years, CK Woo launched his brand in 1970, focusing on producing quality watches. Refusing to compromise on product quality, Ariesgold integrated the conceptualization, prototyping and assembly of the watches directly on its company. A watchmaking team and high-tech machines make it possible to create exceptional timekeepers. Ariesgold has grown into an international brand, with an established presence in over 35 countries.

Four collections are presented. The "Infinium" collection offers high quality automatic watches, handcrafted with a glass case back. "Inspire" watches are equipped with a quartz movement, with extreme durability. Watches with a more classic design are offered with the “Urban” collection. Finally, the “Enchant” collection is intended for women, with an elegant design.

The choice of materials is important to Ariesgold. No detail is left to chance. The brand uses only stainless steels, as well as sapphire crystals with an anti-reflective coating. Regarding the movements, the brand has opted for the excellence of Japanese movements with Seiko or Miyota.

TimeByMe is an Official Stockist of Ariesgold watches

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