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D1 Milano watches: When dream come true.

D1 Milano is an Italian watch brand founded in 2013, whose history remind some American success stories. D1 Milano is the result of a year-end thesis on the marketing of a new watch brand. Dario Spallone, founder of the brand, has a degree in management from Bocconi University in Milan. Just after graduation, at the age of 20, Dario created his own company with his sister and two friends, to make reality this thesis.

D1 Milano offers unique watches, whose design is incomparable to other watches on the market. When all watch brands offer minimalist designs, D1 Milano bets for bold design and robust watches. The brand is characterized by its hexagonal brushed stainless steel bezel with the polished steel edge. D1 Milano watches have character and stand out on the wrist as a true fashion accessory. Two new collections are released every year, at the same pace as the fashion specialists.

The brand offers quartz movements but also automatic. D1 Milano skeleton watches reveal the movement on the dial. The watches are declined with leather and stainless steel straps. Although the bezel of the watch is wide, the case remains ultra thin with a thickness of 6mm.

D1 Milano also released, in limited edition, the first thermochromic watches in the world. Depending on the temperature, the wristband of the watch changed color. This innovation quickly made the brand known around the world. Today, D1 Milano is distributed in 28 countries and the biggest stores have already adopted the brand

TimeByMe is an official stockist of D1 Milano watches.

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