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Spinnaker Watches: Automatic divers

Spinnaker is a young watch brand, specialized in diving watches. The name refers to the sail hoisted to the front of the boat when the breath from the stern.

A diving watch, what is it?

The spinnaker watches meet all the criteria provided by the ISO 6425 standard, to use the name "diving watches". Without going into details, sometimes boring ISO standards, this one indicates several important points. All watches must have a minimum water resistance of 10 ATM (ATM) / 100 meters. Diver watches must be equipped with a time control system. This is in most cases a rotating bezel, a chronograph or chronometer. The dial of the spinnaker watches has luminous indexes, allowing easy reading in the dark or the depths. The case is 316L stainless steel. The crown and the back of the case are screwed, and not under pressure, for maximum sealing.

Spinnaker: watches for everyday use

For Spinnaker, a dive watch must also as beautiful inside and outside. In other words, its use should not be limited to diving. The brand left no detail to chance. For those who like to know what's under the case, Spinnaker has chosen SEIKO automatic movements, visible from the back of the case. A Genuine, resistant and flexible leather was chosen. The glass is sapphire, with anti-reflective treatment.

To conclude, Spinnaker is a brand that will be much talked about in the years to come, for the quality of its watches, but also for the beauty and finish of his creations.

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