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Zinvo watches : a breathtaking design

Founded in 2014, Zinvo is a young Swiss watch brand. The brand develops and manufactures original watches, which will not go unnoticed. Zinvo wants to differentiate himself and it is rather successful. The watches are distinguished from all other brands and are recognizable at a glance.

The Blade collection is inspired by a jet engine of an airplane. To represent at its best the movement of a turbine, Zinvo has developed a particular second hand. Normally, the second hand is a simple hand, a little bigger than hours or minutes. At Zinvo, the second hand is really a turbine composed of 19 blades. In operation, the turbine rotates continuously to the rhythm of the seconds. The result is just beautiful. A simple triangle indicates the hour and a rectangle for the minutes. In order not to disturb the design of the watch, no numbers or indexes are on the dial. Circles engraved around the dial make it easy to locate. Only the logo of the brand is enhanced at the number 12.

With a 44mm diameter , Zinvo Blade watches are intended primarily for men, loving novelty, but also the complexity of automatic movements. All Zinvo Blade watches are equipped with a Miyota 8215 automatic movement, with a 42-hour power reserve. Nothing is left to chance ! The glass is mineral, covered with a layer of sapphire, providing extra protection against scratches. The straps are genuine leather, sewn all the way. To finish the case is 316L stainless steel. What else do you want ? Maybe a calendar ... which is located at number 3 ☺

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