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Automatic watches for men: The art of mechanical watchmaking at the service of your serenity.

It is not by chance, that a man chooses an automatic watch. Halfway between a quartz watch and a mechanical one, the automatic watch enhances the taste of refined, romantic men, who seek art and authenticity more than efficiency.

No batteries? But, where does the energy come from? A man wearing an automatic watch can be impressive: he carries the latest advances in perpetual motion on his wrist! However, this is not a trick, but schhhhh, keep that between us: the wrist movement throughout the day, will drive a rotor in which successive rotations will tighten a spring that accumulates this energy. With the escape, this energy will be progressively restored in the pendulum of the watch. In summary, automatic watches are mechanical and recharge automatically due to the movements of the wrist.

Automatic watches special features: The main advantage of automatic watches is that they require not much maintenance. If we use it every day, no need to recharge it. Goodbye to expensive batteries! However, for those who practice tennis, squash or basketball, you must remove your automatic watch to play. The violence of these activities could disrupt the mechanism. The coolest men will remember to wind it gently, once a week, just activating the crown.

Who wears an automatic watch today? There are the more and more popular. Some people are mechanical watchmaking fanatics. That's why some models show its mechanism on the sphere. Everyone wants them for their longevity. The ecological people is adopting them now also, and because it does not leave toxic substances in Nature.

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