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Welcome to the future! Designer watches for men display your original and futuristic vision.

Today is already tomorrow! You are a man who is moving forward, and the original watch you are wearing is here to testify. What are the latest design trends for watches?

Which men prefer design watches?

This man keeps nothing, all his past goes to the trash very quickly. He thinks more of the pleasures to come than of those of the past. He likes "high tech", the latest TV, the new smartphone, sober and design furniture, sci-fi movies, electro music. He is looking to the future. The design watch is made for him! But which one to choose?

Latest trends of design and original watches.

Very few design watches for men have traditional hands. The dial might not have any indexes. We are in the 21st century, yes or no? All modern men know where are the 3, 6, 9 and 12 ... no need to display them on their watches. Only sliders, dots or progress bars that are positioned in the right place on the watch face ... that’s enough characterize the design!

Innovative shapes and materials

The dial is geometric, often round or square. The background is plain, black or white like day or night. Welcome to the spatial design of these men of the future ... The bracelet is in keeping with the rest: stainless steel, silicone, or at least, leather for comfort. And do not forget: finesse and lightness are the key words!

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  • Ziiiro Solaris Chrome Chill Z0014WCC 40mm
    Precio especial 388.242,26 $ Precio habitual 431.380,29 $
  • Ziiiro Lunar Black Gold Z0013WG
    Precio especial 434.188,09 $ Precio habitual 482.431,21 $
  • Aark Collective Eclipse Rose
    Precio especial 161,10 $ Precio habitual 179,00 $
  • Ziiiro Eclipse Snow Z0010WW
    Precio especial 152,10 $ Precio habitual 169,00 $
  • Ziiiro Celeste Chrome Purple Z0005WSM
    Precio especial 152,10 $ Precio habitual 169,00 $
  • Ziiiro Gravity Snow Green Z0001WWG
    Precio especial 269.739,90 $ Precio habitual 299.711,00 $
  • 53 artículos

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