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This brand has reconciled timeless design, creativity, Swiss quality, innovation and simplicity. It is represented in more than 50 countries around the world. Its reputation makes it a brand widely acclaimed by the personalities in vogue.The iconic design of the official Swiss railway station clock was born in 1944. It was invented by an engineer of the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB). CFF is the owner of the rights to this design. Icon of Swiss design, the clock of the Federal Railways is legendary. It is known worldwide. It adorns prestigious establishments outside Switzerland. Thus, it can be found in museums or other stations around the world. In 1986, Mondaine obtained the exclusive and worldwide license to use this design. It can thus produce and distribute watches, clocks and alarm clocks with this design. As a result, the Mondaine brand now equips Swiss stations with clocks. Moreover, it can offer this design to everyone. This translates into collections of watches that are very aesthetic and legible.

Mondaine has therefore created the SBB CFF FFS collections. SBB is the German translation of CFF and FFS in Italian. These collections have common characteristics. The first is the readability of the time. The second is the absolute perfection of its unique dial. The most unusual is the red second hand with its particular shape. Indeed, this one recalls the form of the panel of the station master. Its classic and modern look is recognizable among all. It is so strange that Apple has taken it back for one of its iPad applications. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, the Mondaine collections have all the characteristics of Swiss precision. Practical and pretty, they have only one defect. You will not have an excuse to be late.