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NAVA Design Watches by Denis Guidone

Nava Desing Division was born in 1970 with the aim of distributing the paper products production , above all diaries and calendars, created with the contribution of the most famous designers. Strategically, Design and Quality have always been, and are still now, the two points of reference of the whole Nava production: creativity, research, product development and production process are constantly lead and oriented to this aim.

From wall clocks that have made the history of design such as Time Square, Nava today looks at wrist watches with exclusive designs with clean and essential lines, designed by Denis Guidone. Minimalism and irony are the characteristics of these new watches by Nava , intended to become objects of worship.


A simple decentralization of the minutes hand determine unusual graphic configuration. With the time passing the hands draw geometric forms in a perpetuous movement.


It is an accessory which make fun of the time, it is for the lovers of design which make of irony one of them distinctive feature. A courious item that raise interest, a detail that Nava choose for its ironic spirit. It is made from a unique line that creates a graphic gesture in which the two extremes marks the hour and the minutes.


The hands are rappresented from the two points. A watch that recalls the image of the solar system. The points of variable size rappresent in crescent order the minutes and the hours, while the central point is remains fixed.

Nava Design

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