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Simplicity, design and originality: one-hand men's watches have more than one turn in their dials!

Avant-garde or futuristic, the man who wears a single-hand watch has not finished surprising you. he is not within 5 or 10 minutes ... But what are these atypical watches, and those who wear them?

The origins of the single-hand watch.

The inventor of this watch, for once, is not a Swiss. It was created for the first time in Minsk, Belarus, in 1953: It is the brand Luch who invented it. The principle is simple: You remove the seconds and minutes hands. You add a much more precise dial, which displays between each hour 12 gradations, one for every 5 minutes ... and you can read the time, to 5 minutes! We will not blame you for being 5 minutes early or late

Which one hand watch to choose?

A little less accessible, the mono-hand Swiss, German or Japanese watches have modernized the concept. Now the case is stainless and waterproof, the movement is electronic quartz, and especially the design is avant-garde or offbeat. They are generally very sober and minimalist, sometimes graduated over 24 hours, or even only 60 minutes!

A single-hand watch, why?

Which man does not wish to affirm his style and his originality? With this watch you are sure to distinguish yourself. Elegant, simple, discreet or passionated about watchmaking, your vision goes beyond the minute…

One Hand

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