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Lacoste Watches: The story of the Crocodile

Lacoste is the story of an extraordinary sportsman named René Lacoste. The French tennis champion was renowned for not letting go on the courts. He won seven tournaments and was a member of the Davis Cup team in 1927 and 1928.

The logo, represented by a crocodile, is the result of an anecdotal bet between René Lacoste and his trainer. During a trip to the United States, the tennis player noticed a suitcase in Crocodile skin. His coach propose to offer it to him if he wins the next game. Although René Lacoste had to bow during the match, the anecdote reached the ears of an American journalist. The journalist compared René Lacoste's style of play to the tenacity of a crocodile. René Lacoste was, from then on, nicknamed the crocodile.

Lacoste has built an international reputation thanks to its quality polo shirts. Created in 1933, the brand is now present in 120 countries and employs more than 10,000 people. Lacoste has been the official sponsor of Roland Garros since 1971

Lacoste watches are faithful to the image and values of the brand. With a unique design, we find the famous crocodile on all the dials at number 3. The quality is there with mastered manufacturing procedures and high-end materials.

TimeByMe is an official stockists of Lacoste watches

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