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Wenger watches : Swiss Made since 1893

Wenger is a historic Swiss brand, founded in 1893. The brand began with the famous multifunction pocket knives, made up of several tools such as corkscrews, nail files or scissors, etc. Even today, Wenger is one of the only two brands in the world to benefit from the famous “Swiss Army Knife” label

It was in 1997 that Wenger embarked on watchmaking with Swiss Made watches and a constant search for perfection. Since 2005, Wenger has been part of the other famous Swiss group, also producer of Swiss knives, Victorinox. Sharing the same values, the two companies have joined forces in the pursuit of Swiss excellence. The manufacturing plants of the two brands are still located in Switzerland, in Delémont. For enthusiasts, the brand offers guided tours of its premises, showing the rigor and precision of their work.

All Wenger watches have the famous “Swiss Made” label, meaning that the majority of production is located in Switzerland. For this, all Swiss watch brands must assume 60% of production costs in their territory. The essential manufacturing step, often corresponding to assembly, must also take place in Switzerland. Lately, the movement used must be Swiss.

Wenger offers a wide range of watches, both for men and women. From Chronograph to diver, you will surely find what you are looking for at Wenger. TimeByme is an official stockist of Wenger watches

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