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Zeppelin watches: From airships to watches

Zeppelin is a German watch brand that pays tribute to one of the pioneers of aeronautics: Ferdinand von Zeppelin. Born in 1838, Count Zeppelin is the inventor of aircraft. At that time, crossing the Atlantic with an aircraft was a real revolution. The project was funded through donations and the benefit of a special lottery designed for Zeppelin. The brand logo represents an airship with the letter Z in the middle of it.

The name of each collection corresponds to a range of aircraft. The LZ 129 collection salutes the largest commercial airship ever made, assigned on a regular line between Europe and the United States. The Zeppelin LZ 127 watches honours the Graf Zeppelin, having travelled more than 590 flights including a world tour. Each collection has its own identity, always in the concern of respecting history.

Today the company Point-tec makes all Zeppelin watches in Germany. Although the general public does not know Point Tec, this company is well known in the watch industry, thanks to their qualitative positioning. The company manufactures several other brands, such as Junkers or Maximilian. With an annual production of over 150,000 watches, all brands combined, Point Tec is one of the largest watch manufacturers in Germany. The unique design inspired by aviation and the excellent value for money, have made the success of the brand.

Zeppelin offers a wide choice of watches to satisfy all tastes. The LZ129 Hindenburg watches feature the moon phase complication with the GMT function, all built on a Swiss Ronda movement. The brand also offers automatic movements for purists, and of course, Swiss chronographs for aviation fans.

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