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Minimalist watches for men: Simplicity at the service of elegance!

The minimalist watch is gaining ground. Affirm your style in sobriety with these sleek watches. What kind of men are these watches destined for? Know all about minimalist watches

What is a minimalist watch?

A minimalist watch rarely says more than hour and minutes! The dials are geometric, the cases are sober, and the straps are made of high quality materials. But their prices are not necessarily low because they are created by Designers, and are thus the mirror of their know-how. Moreover, everything is in the detail: materials, mechanisms, small series ... Finally, if you opt for a watch at the same time, flat and light, you should know that its price depends on it.

Profile of the man wearing a minimalist watch:

A sleek watch suits the discreet, elegant, refined, sincere man. He does not like exuberance, "flashy", "bling-bling". He prefers finesse, modernity, originality and style. If you meet most of these character traits, a minimalist watch is made for you!

Small bonus for those who want less ...

Minimalism was born in the 1960s in New York. The architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe has defined the two main criteria with two legendary sentences: "Less is more" - and also, "God is in details". Simple does not mean without finesse ... Later, in 1998, Steve Jobs declared: "To be simple might be more difficult than complicated. ". He was already wearing a minimalist watch ...

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  • Bauhaus Man Watch Classic 2162-3 41mm - Automatic
    Special Price PLN1,142.10 Regular Price PLN1,269.00
  • EOne Man Watch Bradley APEX-L-SAND 40mm -
    Special Price PLN1,167.30 Regular Price PLN1,297.00
  • Maserati Triconic Black R8853139004 40mm
    Special Price PLN1,001.30 Regular Price PLN1,178.00
  • Maserati Triconic Blue Silver R8853139002 40mm
    Special Price PLN978.30 Regular Price PLN1,087.00
  • Aark Collective Logo Silver 36mm
    Special Price PLN896.40 Regular Price PLN996.00
  • Maserati Epoca Grey SIlver R8853118002 42mm
    Special Price PLN846.60 Regular Price PLN996.00
  • Items 1-60 of 68

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