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Adidas Originals

Adidas Originals Watches

Founded in 1924 by the brothers, adof and Rudof Dassler, Adidas is now a well-known brand for sports equipment. The name Adidas was invented only in 1949. This name comes from the nickname of Adof, "Adi" and the first syllable of their Last Name "Das".

Adidas is easily recognizable thanks to the 3 bands that adorn all products. The Adidas Originals collection is identifiable with the 3 bands that cross horizontally a 3 leaf clover. Each leaf of clover represents one of the three main land masses of the world: The Americas, Europe / Africa and Asia.

In order to offer the best experience and the best product to their customers, many brands choose to outsource the production and distribution of their watches to large watch groups. Adidas has long worked with the Fossil group for the creation of their watches. However, since 2017, another world-renowned watchmaking actor has taken over the production and distribution of Adidas Originals watches. This is the Nixon company that has completely redesigned the design of watches.

The new collections are sober, refined and resolutely modern. Adidas has updated digital watches with the M1 Archive collection. Inspired by the heritage of the 70s, the M1 Archive watches are real little jewels, equipped with a dual time zone, a chronometer, a calendar and a light for reading in the dark. For analog movements lovers, Adidas offers the Process M1 collection. Sober and elegant, Adidas Process M1 watches feature a timeless design with exceptional finishes.

TimeByMe is proud to be an official reseller of Adidas Originals watches and we hope you too will be captivated by this novelty.

Adidas Originals

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