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Bauhaus watches: German manufacture

Bauhaus is a new watch brand, paying homage to the movement of the same name, launched in 1919. “Bau” means building in German and “Haus” means house. The Bauhaus is therefore the building house, an important subject after the First World War.

However, the Bauhaus is, above all, an atypical school, with the objective of transforming education, of thinking differently and of building or creating by combining simplicity and modernity. In the words of one of the founders named Gropius, “the goal of all plastic activity is construction. There is no difference between the artist and the craftsman ” .The Bauhaus school will welcome all the artisans, such as architects, painters, sculptors, etc… The Bauhaus movement will become world famous for the design of the creations.

Bauhaus watches respect the codes of this movement, with simple and effective watches, made in Germany by the company Point Tec. Although this company is not known to the general public, Point Tec has been a recognized watch manufacturer since 1987. The Zeppelin and Iron Annie brands are also Point Tec's achievements.

Bauhaus watches are very readable with clean dials, emphasizing the primary function of a watch, which is to "read the time". The watches are equipped with automatic or quartz movements depending on the model. Point Tec surprises us once again with extraordinary achievements for a price accessible to the majority.

TimeByMe is an official stockist of Bauhaus watches

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  1. Bauhaus Man Watch Classic 2162-3 41mm - Automatic
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