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Bonvier Watches: Classic and minimalist Italian design

Bonvier is a young Italian company, which wants to offer high-end watches at an affordable price. The watches reproduce the codes of the classic watchmaking, with a minimalist touch. We present the Navona, Monza and Cavour collections

The Navona collection pays tribute to the famous square of Rome bearing the same name.. Navona watches have the particularity of having the seconds hand, placed in its own dial, above number 6. The movement VD78 used is of excellent quality, produced by the company Seiko. The bracelets are only produced from genuine Italian leather

The Cavour collection is a nod to the city of Cavour, but especially to the lord Camillo Cavour, considered as one of the fathers of the Italian homeland. All Bonvier Cavour watches are equipped with a calendar, indicating the day of the week and the date. However, the differentiating element is undoubtedly the Phase of Moon function, placed above index number 6. Moon-phase watches reproduce the cycle of the star of the night, ie the new moon , the first quarter, the full moon and the last quarter.

The Monza Collection is inspired by the world-renowned motor racing circuit. Bonvier thus provided all the Monza, with a chronograph of 60 minutes and accurate to 1/20 seconds. The right-hand dial measures the seconds. The one placed above number 6 indicates the time spent in minute, up to 60 minutes / 1 hour. The last one on the left corresponds to 1/20 of a second, ie the full revolution of the dial corresponds to one second.

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