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Breda: watches that inspire creativity and individuality

Based in Dallas, Breda is a design studio owned by Grand Time. Founded in 2008 by the brother sister duo, Amir and Neelum Meghani, Breda is a modern, clean and simple watch brand. Watchmaking is a vocation for the Meghani family. Originally from India, their grandfather moved to Dubai in 1968. Over the years, he opened four watch shops. Neelum and Amir are the 3rd generation of watchmakers.

The Breda studio was designed to be a collaborative space. All creators of Dallas are welcome. Artists, designers or architects can exchange freely and thus offer relevant products.This space is an inspiration for the design of watches. Model prototyping is also realized at Breda Studio. Neelum and Amir follow the KISS principle "Keep It Simple Stupid" This is a design guideline, advocating simplicity and avoiding unnecessary complexities. Breda watches are a fusion of quality products with minimalist design, at a reasonable price.

The Breda team wants to build and develop watches that embrace change. "We believe in freedom of personal expression through style and collections that tell a story. We are modernizing and redesigning the classic elements of a traditional watch. "

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