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CCCP Watches: Soviet Watchmaking

CCCP is a new watch brand that pays homage to the Soviet era in Russian history. CCCP is the Russian acronym for USSR. Sometimes forgotten in history books, the Soviet Union was the first to send an object into space. Russian watches have always been considered real watchmaking jewelry, due to their self-sufficiency and the quality of the materials used. It should be remembered that it was Russian watches, not Swiss watches, that were the first to be sent into space.

CCCP remains faithful to the aesthetics and spirit of Russian watches. The brand was inspired by many chapters in Soviet history spanning the arts, sciences, architecture and the military.

The CCCP collection presents certain watches fitted with a movement from the SLAVA brand. Founded in 1924, SLAVA was the second largest manufacturer of movements and watches. It was only after the Second World War that SLAVA became known internationally, notably with the watch brand START. Some movements are still produced, always with the aim of offering impeccable quality.

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