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Chpo watches: A brand with strong social values

The Chpo concept is to offer watches for all situations, with great quality and at an affordable price. No more excuses for no wearing watches.

Chpo has, above all, very strong social values. Each year, the brand collaborates with a non-profit organization to launch a watch. All profits made, are 100% paid back to their cause. Chpo has recently launched the POW watch with Protect our Winter, to help fight the global warming.

Chpo watches are inspired by the world of skateboarding. The collections bear the name of an important person. Chpo Harold watches pay tribute to skateboarder Harold Hunter. Professional skateboarder and actor, Harold has made history in skateboarding. Since his death, the Harold Hunter Foundation has been created to help young people through skateboarding.

The Khorshid watches honors the work of a young woman of the same name, who worked for Skateistan. Skateistan is a non-profit organization that uses skateboarding to build the confidence and independence of the youngest. With activities in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa, more than 1600 young people from 5 to 17 years old participate in their program. Khordshid was unfortunately one of the victims of a suicide bombing.

Chpo is not just a watch brand, but a socially engaged company. Chpo watches are designed for all situations and everyone .... Well, almost everyone. The brand clearly says that all people who hate homosexual, People of different skin color or women are invited not to buy their watches ☺

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