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Cronometrics Watches: minimalist geometric design

Cronometrics is a brand new design watch brand, born in December 2015. Designed in Germany and manufactured in Hong Kong, the Cronometrics watches meet current codes of minimalism, while adding a designer touch

The concept of Cronometrics watches

Cronometrics wanted to link the geometric aspect to a sober and simple design. The watches are distinguished by a triangle on all the dials, connecting the numbers 12, 4 and 7. The triangle is the simplest form of connection between 3 points. It is also the basis, the starting point of all creation to a three dimensional object. Cronometrics is inspired by simple and well defined shapes.

The architect and engineer

For this launch, Cronometrics presents two collections: The Architect and The Engineer.

The collection The Architect is indicated to everyone who loves perfection, simplicity and accuracy of design. Seconds appear in a circle above the index 6, offering a perfect symmetry to the watch

The Engineer emphasizes on the technical side of the watch with high quality 30min timer. The upper right dial corresponds to a 24h dial. Sharp and precise, the Engineers watches are sophisticated.


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