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Dufa watches: German manufacture since 1920

The Dufa brand takes its name from the abbreviation Deutsche Uhrenfabrik, meaning German Manufacture of Watchmaking. The brand was launched almost a century ago, in 1920. After a break of nearly 30 years, the watches have been updated, while respecting the Bauhaus style of the brand

The artistic movement named Bauhaus, appeared in 1919 following the opening of an art school of the same name. In German, “Baus” means building, and “Haus” means house. This movement began after World War I, when village reconstruction was a priority. The Bauhaus will lay the foundations of modern architecture and will quickly apply to other trades such as photography, dance or watchmaking. The principle is to make simple, sober, functional and elegant products.

Dufa pays tribute to all the founders, architects and designers who participated in the launch of the Bauhaus School, naming each collection by their names. We find the collections Gropius, Meyer and Van der Rohe, being all 3 directors of the school at different times.

Dufa watches are still made in Germany with a particular requirement for the choice of components. High quality movements are used, both Japanese with Miyota or Seiko and Swiss with Ronda. Every detail of the watch is studied and customized for exceptional results. The backs of the cases are all engraved with a different design according to the collection. The pin buckles are decorated with the logo of the brand, giving the final touch to the product, etc. ...

Through this innate sense of design, combined with the quest for demanding but subtle excellence, DuFa's legacy continues today.

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  1. Dufa Unisex Watch Gropius DF-9020-11 38mm
    Special Price $203.00 Regular Price $290.00
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