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Duxot Watches: Inspired by the 60s to the 80s

Duxot is a new watch brand, created and manufactured by the Dartmouth watch group. Although Dartmouth is not known to the general public, several of their brands such as Spinnaker or AVI-8 have already won over thousands of enthusiasts for the excellent value for money of their timepieces.

Duxot watches are inspired by the design of the 60s, 70s and 80s, with that little extra that makes them exceptional and modern watches. Each watch has been carefully studied and developed to arrive at a robust product that will last over time. The brand only uses reliable movements, which have been proven for decades. The Accelero collection is equipped, for example, with Seiko Meca-quartz movements, while the Fortus collection is equipped with Seiko NH35 automatic movements.

Each collection pays homage to a specific category of watches. Altius watches bring the aviator watches of the 70s back into fashion. The Atlantica collection pays homage to the first GMT watches.

TimeByMe is an official stockist of Duxot

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