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Junkers watches: From metallurgy to watchmaking

Founded by Hugo Junkers, Junkers is a German company specializing primarily in metallurgy. In 1915, Junkers developed the first metal-designed aircraft, the Junkers J1. From this date, the company specialized in aviation became known worldwide for its innovations. The Junkers brand belongs today to the Bosch group

Junkers is very closely linked with the Bauhaus movement. The Bauhaus is an artistic and architectural movement that laid the foundations for modern architecture. This movement emerged after World War I. Junkers quickly became one of the largest companies in the region, which led to a high demand for housing for the working class. Hugo Junkers worked with the Bauhaus founders including Gropius to find solutions.

Junkers watches are faithful to the innovative spirit and history of Hugo. The brand is distinguished by a metal logo on all dials, to honour the expertise of the company in its beginning. Each collection is named after an airplane, an artistic movement or an important date. Junkers watches are sleek, elegant and timeless. Clearly inspired by the Bauhaus, Junkers watches are still manufactured in Germany by the company Point-tec. Point-tec is also the manufacturer of another aviation-inspired brand, named Zeppelin. Value for money is without a doubt the key to success. Junkers watches are available as well with an automatic movement or a Swiss quartz movement. The materials used are carefully selected so the watch lasts over time and is transmitted from generation to generation.

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