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MAM wooden watches

MAM is a young Spanish watch brand, which first launched by selling only via their website. MAM watches have become known mainly for their wooden watches. The brand uses several types of wood, depending on the desired color. For light colors (beige), the brand chose maple or bamboo. However for darker colors, MAM uses a wood well known in the world of aromatherapy or perfumery, ebony or sandalwood. Sandalwood is a wood that we find mainly in India, Nepal or Australia. All watches are hypoallergenic, less prone to causing an allergic reaction.

The brand uses only sustainable wood with FSC "Forest Stewardship Council" certification. This certification is an environmental label that ensures that the production of wood complies with the procedures guaranteeing the sustainable management of forests.

One of the advantages of wooden watches, besides the originality of the product, is the weight of these. Watches weigh only a few tens of grams. You will forget that you wear the watch on your wrist.

For its second collection, MAM chose to combine metal, wood and leather. The bracelets are genuine leather and the clasp is made without chromium or harmful chemical. Always in the respect of the environment, the cases are recycled stainless steel. Finally, we still find the signature MAM watches with a wooden bezel, FSC certified.

All watches are designed in Barcelona with noble materials, of high quality, and above all respectful of the environment. MAM watches are modern, sleek and minimalist.

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