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Szanto watches : Founded on a love for military watches

It was in 1989 that the history of Szanto watches began with the creation of watches, a brand built around self-luminous watchmaking technology. Barry Cohen, based in the United States, was already a veteran of the watch industry and, with his business partner, created a company to capitalize on the new GTLS technology. In the natural context of new business growth, they created a number of their own brands, Szanto being the first.

Cohen was interested in vintage watches, particularly the first watches developed for military use. His concept was simple, creating the best of his designs, but with modern clock technology and a new size. Essentially, this meant making vintage pieces larger than the originals and using modern Japanese quartz movements or automatisms. So Szanto is a niche brand that caters to special tastes.The name Szanto, as the inspiration for the brand, is inspired by the past. It represents an old family name. Szanto presents a modern version of classic watches. With their vintage-inspired designs and the highest quality workmanship, Szanto's modern components offer precision and affordability in automatic and quartz watches. Step back in time with Szanto watches and their styles from the past that reinvent themselves for today.

All Szanto watches are designed with form and function, to give you reliable time with vintage charm. A modern version of classic watches. Vintage-inspired design with classic style and the highest quality finish. Szanto's modern components offer precision and comfort in automatic and quartz watches. Szanto has been able to offer daring collections such as the Aviator watches, the DesertSands Chronograph series, which exudes a pure and traditional spirit, not to mention the ICON series. Watchmaker Szanto and motorcycle designer Roland Sands are jointly developing a watch with a vintage-inspired design. Szanto is accustomed to a number of fairly well-selected collaborations and here he offers us his vision of watchmaking. The Roland Sands-Szanto watch is inspired by military or even aeronautical engineering and combines a sober but massive design with a leather strap like a padded cap, vintage jackets or even a clash jacket. The model gets your adrenaline pumping with its dashboard-like dial featuring a Roland Sands logo and flanked by a solid bezel. Szanto uses the best materials. Most models have: 316L stainless steel cases, bottoms, crowns and bezels. The back of the case and the screwed crowns guarantee an excellent water resistance 100 meters water resistance Automatic movements with Japanese quartz or 21-jewel movements with high precision. Scratch-resistant mineral glass crystals, the sports models with K1 crystals are also very resistant.

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