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The Electricianz

The Electricianz Watches

The Electricianz is born of a strong desire for creativity in a traditionally conservative landscape. Solidly rooted in Swiss watchmaking know-how, The Electricanz is proud to design innovative products with offbeat design, backed by rigorous quality standards

Electricity is the purest expression of energy. It is a flow, the invisible link that connects, penetrates and gives life to the world. Strongly influenced by contemporary visual arts and underground cultures, the original design of Electricianz makes visible the internal mechanism of the watch, powered by electricity.

By putting on the market powerful, original, elegant and reliable watches, The Electricianz designs products for the curious, attracted by a very energetic, urban and positively creative life, with a pinch of self-derision.

The internal movement is based on the Japanese movement Miyota 2033. The light was designed to be an integral part of the design: that's why 4 LEDs backlit the time, giving it a spectacular appearance at night

Electricianz aims to offer an irreproachable quality of luxury, inspired by the Swiss know-how in design and technology of the watch, at an unprecedented price. Behind the sleek design, the watch includes more than 50 pieces, carefully assembled by skilled watchmakers. The 45 mm steel case is covered with nylon fiber, for optimal weather resistance.

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The Electricianz

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