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Undone Watches: Mecha-Quartz Chronographs

Undone is a young watchmaker founded by Michael Young, a renowned English designer, born in 1966 in Sunderland. He worked for the Pompidou Museum. He is known in the industry as a sophisticated minimalist, acclaimed for his aesthetic, elegant and sleek designs.

This atypical founder believes that the definition of luxury in our society is twisted. Luxury is, in fact, generally associated with purchasing power. According to him, luxury brands use their notoriety to sell mass-produced products at a high price, often not very representative of the quality of the product itself. For Undone, luxury is firstly the purchase of a product, specially made for the customer, while mastering the combination of components of irreproachable quality.

Each watch is made in the Undone installations. The brand has decided to integrate the production line into its company. Product and packaging research and development, component production, assembly, quality control and execution are 100% controlled by Undone

Each model in the Urban Vintage collection is inspired by a historical watch. Killy watches are reminiscent of Rolex Dato Compax watches. The speedy watch is a tribute to the Omega speedmaster watch, worn in space during NASA's Apollo 11 mission. The Newman Chronograph salutes the Rolex Daytona worn by Paul Newman. Mystique watches are inspired by the stars and the universe . Each model is named after a planet. We find on the dials, beautiful gradients, either green, gray, blue or red.

Undone watches are all equipped with a Meca-quartz movement. This movement has the distinction of using both a quartz movement for hours, minutes and seconds, and a mechanical movement for the Chronograph. The Meca-quartz chronographs have the precision and stability of quartz, the handling of a mechanical chronograph and a physically compact set.

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