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Verk watches: Scandinavian design and craft production

Verk is a sleek, modern and minimalist design, like Scandinavian creations. The minimalist philosophy also corresponds to a way of life, in which we appreciate the simplicity of objects and disregard all that can distract us, all that is considered superfluous. Unnecessary items are therefore eliminated to pay full attention to the details of the watch.

Its details, which make all the difference, have justified two years of research and development to launch the first watch, in 2017. Verk does not wish to mass produce and work with mechanized assembly centers, without any passion and no history. The brand has chosen to hand-assemble all watches in Germany, by a company named Mitschele, recognized in luxury watchmaking since 1932.

The selection of material suppliers was also very rigorous. Each element of the watch has been carefully selected. The leather straps comes from Tuscany and the mesh straps are produced in Germany by STAIB. Sapphire was chosen for the glass of Verk watches, because of their scratch-resistant nature, their solidity and their clarity. An anti-reflective coating was also deposited on both sides of the sapphire glass.

The movement is Swiss from the company Ronda. Verk chose a top-of-the-range quartz movement from the Ronda 7 series, with a battery running for up to 10 years. The case is 316L stainless steel, used among others in aviation for its durability and resistance.

Confident in the quality of their watches, Verk offers a 5 year warranty instead of the two years required by law.

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