Tacs Watches: Non-conformist watchmaking

When we imagine a watch, the first image we have is a round dial, hands, a crown placed at index number 3. Well, a traditional watch, as we all know them! However, Yoshiaki Motegi (Alias ​​Yoshi), the designer of the Tacs watches, has a very different point of view. Watch designer for more than 40 years, Yoshi had in 2010 the desire to break codes and change the perception of time.

Tacs was born that same year and the result is spectacular. Yet the recipe is simple. First, take the lens of a camera and study all the details. Once all the ingredients (details) are ready, miniaturize the object to the size of a watch dial. Finally, integrate a quality analog movement and Voila!

The Tacs concept is to transcribe objects or everyday situations on your wrist. We had a feeling of "déjà vu", until we looked more closely at the details, these little things that make all the difference. Tacs has launched a Mirror collection with a dial that reflects like a mirror. Many watch brands offer it, but none has pushed the concept as Tacs. The number 3 is only a letter C (upside down) placed at the perpendicular of the dial. Thanks to the reflection of the letter on the mirror, the number 3 can be read clearly on the dial. The result is just magic!

Each collection represents an element or an Object. The Tacs Channel watches reflect the design of retro radios. Drop watches have a dial with ripples, such as those created by a water drop, etc.

Tacs continues to surprise with his thoughtful and unpublished creations.