LIP, a whole History.

Originally, Lip is ... a man : the men who made Lip are from the Lipmann family. They create a little watchmaking workshop, introduce and impose their brandname.

Lip is ... a dream : a watch for everyone.

Lip is ... history. Lip has acted as a real forerunner and has defined the history of watchmaking techniques through 145 years of innovations and unique creations – elegant and sophisticate design, available for everyone. In 145 years, the watchmaking know-how of Lip has been built in a unique and exceptional way, going against the common sense – to make the watch for everyone, the watch for leading people.

Since 147 years, the French Watch-maker LIP presents collections always in adequacy with its founding principles: tradition and revival. Through these atypicals and perennially fashionables models, Lip pay tribute to the men and women, as well as to the events which marked its story, witnesses of its incredible heritage.

“ Nothing does well without passion ”


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