Slow Watches: Swiss Quality & innovative design

Slow watches wants to change how we read the time. The brand wants to send a positive message and encourage people to take time and enjoy it to the fullest. This is why the watch has no second or minute hand, which according to Slow, prompts to enjoy too quickly every moment. We live in a world where time is measured and we sometimes forget to take advantage of it, to take the time. Time is the most valuable thing we have and we should not run after every minute, every second.

Slow watches are mono-hand. Each index on the dial represents an interval of 15 minutes. Equipped with a Swiss movement (Ronda 505,24) Slow watches remains very precise. The hand moves twice as slowly as a normal movement. A quick glance will allow you to orient yourself perfectly during the day. The left part of the dial indicates the morning from 0am to 12am and the right part indicates the afternoon and the evening. Reading time is very easy.

Slow watches are made in Switzerland. The guarantee of quality “Swiss Made” makes Slow watches real jewellery. In addition to the Swiss precision movement, all watches are waterproof 10ATM, allowing any type of immersion underwater. The hardened curved mineral glass is treated with anti-reflection and anti-scratch treatment. The straps are made with genuine Italian soft leather. The 316L steel straps are stainless.

Focus on what you really like. All the pleasures of life must not be calculated by the minute.


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