squarestreet’s first foray into the horological market has produced something extraordinary, but also strikingly classic. The Minuteman is born.

Driven by the mission to bring design pieces to the table that speak softly yet distinctly, squarestreet’s designers Alexis Holm & David Ericsson bring you their latest project – the Minuteman by squarestreet.

The Minuteman features two different versions of its face. One, a standard two- hand model with hour & minute display – an elegant circular tip highlights the hour index. Secondly, a cleaner, single hand readout using only an hour hand, announcing the passage of time in five-minute intervals.

Externally, the Minuteman has an unusual casing material: hand-made Italian Mazzuchelli acetate. Surrounded by a stainless steel pressure case, it is made to withstand a 30 meter vertical dive.Deep inside the double-shelled carapace of the Minuteman beats a Japanese made Miyota Quartz movement complete with date dial, offering unparalleled punctuality and precision.


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