Swiss Military

Swiss Military By Hanowa: Swiss Tradition to military precision

The brand Swiss Military By Hanowa was founded in 1963 in Biel, Hans Noll. The name comes from the acronym Hans Noll Watches. Swiss Military is an official licensed product of the Swiss Confederation.

The concept is very simple but very innovative at the time. Hans wanted to create high quality watches and offer them to the greatest number with an affordable price. This segment was largely untapped and Swiss Military was able to find a place quickly.

Robust, High Accuracy and Endurance define the essence of the brand.

The Swiss Military watches are fitted with a sapphire crystal, one of the most scratch-resistant materials,  noted 9/10 on the Mohs scale (unit measuring the hardness of minerals). Only the diamond reached the maximum score of 10/10. Sapphire can only be scratched by  diamond or silicon carbide, commonly used for moissanite (high-end copy of Diamond) The boxes are manufactured from 316L stainless steel.

The dial offers luminous markers and hands based on the patented technology Superluminova. Used by luxury watch brands, the phosphorescent Superluminova is the best in the world. It shines longer, stronger and resistant better to time than any other phosphorescent on the market .

Swiss Military provides itself only from very-well known companies, specialized in the manufacture of Swiss movement: Ronda and ISA. theses two traditional companies are recognized internationally for their expertise over 50 and 65 years respectively.

Swiss Military by Hanowa: Switzerland Quality to everyone

Swiss Military

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