Xme: Writing a new woman history

Xme company is a young French brand dedicated to women. The Xme watches are born with the desire to offer a different, unique and stylish product.

Xme was founded by Denis Capron, ex-former CEO of the Opex watches brand . With over 20 years experience in the watch industry, Denis wanted the watches to be assembled in France in their workshop located in Brittany. To enhance the quality of service, all watches are sold with 3 years warranty.

The spirit of Xme is all about the desire to offer subtle, feminine and original watches.

The "Ronde" collection is delicate with a dial 27 mm and 8 mm wide genuine leather strap. Elegant, simple and trendy, we love to define this collection as Just and Beautiful.

The Monaca collection is clearly Vintage with its mini 19mm wide case. This collection offer 3 types of case, Circle, Square and Oval, either silver or pink gold. The leather straps are interchangeable. All monaca watches are sold with a second strap to easily tune your watch with your outfit.

Xme: a French brand that breaks the time’s codes.


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