Aviator watches give you wings

Whether they have a pilot's soul or they are adventurous, since the origins of aviation, men wear aviator watches. Immediate take-off ...

Pioneers of naval air to the conquest of space

Aviator watches wrap men's wrists for what they represent. Who has never dreamed of driving an airplane? The main question is... which one: a civil or military plane? To explore the world, to defend peace, to transport people, goods, mail ... The aviator is multi-task and his watch too. What aviator would you like to be? St Exupéry, Tom Cruise (in Top Gun), or Tom Hanks (in Sully)?

Different looks

All aviator watches for men have something in common, and it looks like a control panel of an airplane. They are large, round and legible. Very often, they are thick and they always have needles. It is the digital display point in an aviator watch. These particular men watches differ from others by the quality of the materials used on them and for its fine details. Black or blue dials. Leather, fabric or metal made resistant bracelets. They can be read at night due to retro-illumination or phosphorescence. Are you an aviator or not?

Unusual features

Aviator is a demanding man. He does not want just to know what time is it. Even if he is at home back to the ground, he wants to know: to evaluate distances, the journey timetable. He is also an athlete. Multiple graduations and additional dials represent all the technology, within his watch. Some aviator watches are also chronographs, capable of reading duration or average speed. Pray to check the flight plan before get on board!