Chronograph watches for men: everything you need to know!

Today, most modern men wear a chronograph watch. Before you fall in love for one of them, here is everything you need to know about chronograph watches.

Who are they for? The first men to use it were the soldiers, who used it to measure the power of the guns. Then came the chronograph to track horse races. Nowadays the use of chronograph watches is also used for athletes. Some scientists also use it to measure the time of a chemical reaction. The most fervent users are aircraft or automobiles pilots, divers, jockeys, but also hospital staff.Popularized by these sophisticated users, the chronograph watch is now found around all wrists. Their cool and elegant side have helped to popularize this watchmaking essential.

What is really called a chronograph watch?t usually consists of a main dial indicating the time, and 3 additional small dials constituting the actual chronograph, indicating most of the time, hours, minutes and seconds. Be careful, do not confuse! The chronograph watch can also have a tachymeter: In this case, you will find graduations located around the dial, in order to calculate not only a time lapse, but also an average speed over a certain distance. It is not a stopwatch either. To benefit from this designation, the chronograph watch must have received an official certificate issued by the COSC (Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute) attesting to its extreme precision.

Have they existed for a long time? The chronograph watch is very recent in the history. The kind of watch is only 200 years old! Its inventor is Louis Moinet, who patented the Chronograph for the first time in 1821 by the watchmaker Nicolas-Mathieu Rieusec. Later, in 1932, Omega became the first official supplier of chronographs for the Summer Olympics.

How it works? Chronograph watches look very complicated, but they are very simple! Equipped often with 2 push buttons, arranged at 2 o'clock and at 4 o'clock. The first is to start the timing and stop it. The second is used to reset the Chronograph. Usually consisting of 3 dials, they measure 3 units: left one for the seconds, center dial measures up to one minute and finally the right dial 30 or 60 minutes. Those with a single button have the same functions, except that this single button is used successively to start, stop, and reset.