How to choose a diving watch for men?

Being effective at sea, in the river, under a lake is the challenge of diving watches. And if in addition, the "Diver" can be beautiful ...

The diving watches meet 3 standards ... not less!

Sealing (ISO 6425 and DIN 8310), but also impact resistance (ISO 1413), and anti-magnetic (ISO 764).And as if that was not enough, the "diver" will necessarily be round, very legible with a phosphorescent display, and resistant to the aggression of salt. Elastomer or metal straps are required for every day use!For the look, expect rather large watches, given the tightness. But they also know how to be sober. The external bezel over 60 minutes is necessary to judge the autonomy in oxygen, or in decompression.

Do you dive? Point on the water resistance.

The waterproofness of a diving watch is measured in ATM: The atmospheric pressure, equal to 1 at sea level.

From 10 ATM - 10 Bar - 100 meters: This watch is not diving, but you can take a shower, swim to the surface, dive into the pool.From 20 ATM - 20 Bar - 200 meters: For this watch, any form of recreational diving is possible, including the "Dive" up to 30 meters.From 30 ATM - 30 Bar - 300 meters: This is a real scuba diving watch! However the "pros" wear watches up to 100 ATM ...

Diver watches for men are also digital! More readable, they give you more indications: Algorithms calculating the remaining time, audible and visual warnings. For 3.0 dives!