Skeleton watches: for men who have nothing to hide!

Formerly reserved for Haute Horlogerie, the skeleton watch is democratized. It reveals its mechanisms to men who are passionate about design and technology.

A skeleton watch what is it?

Clearly, we see what happens inside the watch, and this gives it an artistic dimension out of the ordinary.But everything is not so simple with these exceptional watches: The mechanism is specially made to be beautiful! The gears are of different colors, silver or gold. The mechanism is placed between two sapphire crystals, to be admired on both sides of the watch. The most luxurious are also extra-flat models, with swirls, precious stones, or even internal lighting: visual impact guaranteed!

A skeleton watch, is it expensive?

Formerly reserved for the elite and made individually, skeleton watches had 5-digit prices! Today 3 figures will be enough, which does not detract from the elegance of the men who wear them, but still requires a little extra investment compared to the watch of everyone ... To be "skeleton" also in its price, the skeleton watch knows how to take advantage of the modern technologies of industrialization, electricity and quartz. It is no longer just mechanical or automatic.

For what style of man?

This watch is often his only jewel. As beautiful as it is! He is not especially sporty: the time is enough for him. He especially likes the originality, the style, and the contrast between his watch and the sobriety of his universe.