Back to the past ! Discover vintage watches for men.

When you're a man, and you're wearing a vintage watch, it means you like the best of the past. The classic style of these watches says a lot about the personality

Small definition of the Vintage watch.

This English word comes from the French word "vendange". You will find other definitions less academic, but just as appealing, as an English translation of the phrase "Vingt ans d’âge" ( twenty of age ). Today's vintage watch is often a re-release of an older watch, or one that is strongly inspired by it. It knows how to combine classicism of the past and the best of modern technologies.

The classic design of objects from the past.

Some were inspired by the car industry of the 50s: Their dials look like those of old classic cars of the time. Others are from aviation. The watch are designated as the dials of the mythical aircraft. Their shapes are often impressive, but remain classic. They allowed pilots to optimize flight times. The vintage watch also comes from the most recent conquests of man: Space, with the famous Apollo watch.

The Vintage watch reveals the souls of the great men who have worn them. St Exupery, Herzog, Fangio, Buzz Aldrin ... all these men have worn watches that has become "vintage" and cult. It's also the great men of cinema who have inspired our watchmakers: Steve Mc Queen in "Le Mans", the James Bond watches (Sean Connery, Daniel Craig) and more recently Ryan Gosling in "Drive".


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