Amalys Watches: Dare the square

Amalys is a new Belgian brand for women. The name of the brand is a Greek name meaning ambition, strength, passion and skill. The brand wants to convey strong values, representing, according to them, modern women. Amalys is a brand that pays homage to current women. Each model has a woman name: Julia, Alison, Lila, etc ...

The Amalys Watches are minimalist, modern and sleek. The brand plays with geometric shapes. The case of the watch is square, the indices are positioned in a circle and the crown is triangular. Amalys has chosen to revive the square watch, with the hashatg #daretobesquare. The market is flooded with minimalist watches, all alike more or less. Amalys watches are recognizable by the square shape of the case, for women who wish to distinguish themselves.

The codes of minimalism are present with a dial without number, but only indexes. No element disturbs the reading of time and just the Amalys logo is present below the number 12. The brand offers genuine leather straps or mesh straps. All straps come with an easy change pump. Amalys watches are discreet with a case of 25mm and only 6.1mm thickness.

Amalys watches are designed to complement your style and bring a final touch of elegance. By combining the timeless and the traditional, Amalys watches are classically vintage, but definitely modern

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