CirculR: Watches without Bulls ** t

Danny Buck is the founder of the CirculR watch brand. At the end of 2016, this English brand launched its watches on Kickstarter. The brand has been very successful, especially thanks to its sincerity and quality.

The right price

CirculR has one goal: to produce and market watches at an affordable price. You can now literally buy a CirculR watch every month. Gone are the days when the purchase of a watch represented months of saving. Gone are the endless reflections to make sure you got the right watch. Gone are the days of owning just one watch. CirculR offers such an attractive price that everyone can now have their own watch collection. You can adapt your watch to your outfit. Price is no longer an excuse.

Less is more

To get the watches at the right price, CirculR has removed all unnecessary marketing elements, without compromising the quality of the product. When was the last time you dived 10 meters under water? This feature is very expensive and increase considerably the price ... and the majority of people will never use it. The CirculR watches are therefore water-resistant 3 ATM, in other words, resistant to splashing, rain, etc...

Do not lose sight of the essentials

CirculR bet on the fundamental elements of the watch, to ensure the maximum quality. The straps are made of genuine Italian leather. The 42mm diameter stainless steel case features a high quality Miyota movement. The glass is made of hardened mineral glass.


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