Renard Watches: Inspired by 60s and 70s deisgn

Two long-term friends and business partners conceived Renard in Amsterdam in the spring of 2014. After working in the lifestyle sector with a focus on watch distribution and gaining extensive experience, the partners decided to fulfil a long-time dream of launching their own watch Brand.

Inspired by the ageless details and elements featured in some of the great design of the past, the team wanted to create a timeless and alluring design – a global symbol of effortless style. By using these historic influences and fusing them with inspiration found in modern philosophy, Renard was born

The Story of the fox

A close encounter by one of the founders with a fox while wandering in the Dutch Dune was the catalyst for the Brand’s name – Renard ( Fox in french ) The fox has played a colourful role in countless cross – cultural folklore, myths and beliefs. The Celts believed the fox to be a guide, whilst in Japan, it’s seen as sign for longevity. Fascinated by the animal that can be described as seductive, intelligent and graceful, it is a symbolic representation of the style and character of the Brand.

Renard fuses tradition and modernity into alluring, distinctive yet timeless timepieces.


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