Yema watches: French excellence.

The watchmaker Henry Louis Belmont, who graduated major from his promotion at the National Watchmaking School of Besançon, created Yema in 1948. The founder had, at the time, launched a contest to find the name of the brand. It was a student who found the name YEMA, without suspecting that it would become a reference in world watchmaking.

Yema beat his notoriety with the launch of a diving watch, named Superman. In 1963, the brand filed a patent, defining a triple security for diving watches. Yema superman watches are equipped with a brake stop, to block the rotating bezel. In immersion, it is impossible to turn the bezel unwittingly, and thus lose the notion of time spent under water. The brand has also developed a particular case form, protecting the crown. The risk of distorting the crown against a rock is excluded. The 3rd security is a screwed crown with a double seal.

In 1966, the brand launched two new collections, Yactingraf and Rallygraf, intended respectively for the world of sailing and motorsport. Water-resistant to 200 meters, the Yactingraph automatic chronograph has been specially designed to indicate the regatta time. Rallygraf watches are chronographs equipped with a tachymeter up to 500 km / h, a totalizer of hours and a counter for minutes and seconds. Yema has also developed the first French timepiece to travel in space, La Yema Spationaute; and a watch specifically designed for an expedition to the North Pole, the Odysée watch.

In 2009, the brand invested nearly 3 million euros and 4 years of development to launch its own French automatic movement, the MBP 1000. Yema is now the watch brand 100% French, referring to the market.


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